Labelling & Coding


Standard Labelling

All Pharmaline N and X hose assemblies are labelled with the following information:

  • Manufacturer’s Name (Aflex Hose Ltd)
  • Hose Type, Size and Grade
  • EN16643 and Year of Standard Publication
  • EN16643 Electrical Property Grade
  • Max. Working Pressure and Test Pressure
  • Working Temperature Range*
  • Unique Serial Number
  • Month & Year of Manufacture
  • Aflex Hose Telephone Number
  • CE Mark (if applicable)

*Note any restrictions on working pressure resulting from elevated temperatures.

This information is normally laser-etched on to a ferrule.

In some cases, at the discretion of Aflex Hose, the information may be etched on to a stainless steel ring, or a thin stainless steel plate which is clamped to the hose. This may be necessary for example, if the customer requires additional information which may not fit on to a Ferrule.


Streamline Tagging

A label and/or Colour Code is placed around the silicone cover of the hose and then encapsulated by a transparent silicone that is formed into a thin streamlined cover.

Note: 1/4” size, Colour Code only, no text.


Colour Coding

A coloured PTFE spiral strip is wound on to the hose.

It can be left loose, or it can be encapsulated under a transparent, heat-shrunk polyolefin sleeve.